Tethys Plantgeria Ltd.Diving and Marine Contractor

Tethys Plantgeria Ltd is an indigenous Diving and Marine Contracting firm which was established in 1991 for the purpose of providing technical services in the areas of underwater engineering, marine transportation, offshore construction and research in the marine environment. 

From inception, Tethys Plantgeria Ltd has continuously expanded her manpower and resources to meet the dynamic and challenging needs of her clients in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

Through the utilization of experienced staff, innovative approaches and combination of new technologies with time proven techniques, we aim at providing our clients with safe, reliable and cost effective solutions to meet the challenges of their marine and sub-sea projects.

We are proud of the technical skills, reliability and professionalism of her employees, including the superior quality of equipment and technology at their disposal. Tethys-Plantgeria Ltd can take charge of procurement and shipping services for equipment and materials outsourced overseas.
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We work relentlessly to streamline procedures and provide our clients with competitive proposals and attractive project completion times. Tethys-Plantgeria Ltd has a culture of excellence that cuts across the project value chains which ensures that project planning processes up to closeout, are customer driven. In reporting project results to client, we emphasize the use of high quality graphic representations of topographic, hydrographic and engineering data.

Furthermore, the safety, efficiency and technical superiority of all activities and services rendered by Tethys-Plantgeria Ltd; are guaranteed through the implementation of the Company's Quality Assurance Program. We place strong emphasis on the development of local content and our organizational mode of operation, responsibilities and services are in compliance with NIS ISO 9001:2015 standards. We are registered with the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) under Diving, Marine and Remote systems and ROV divisions providing Surface Supplied Diving operations. We are also registered member of BIMCO (The Baltic and International Maritime Council).