Diving Equipment

Tethys Plantgeria Limited has added to its Equipment:
  • 4 x Air Diving Spreads ( Oriented Surface Systems )
  • Tethys-Plantgeria Ltd can provide a Portable Sat System (300m rater) from our overseas partners – (Model AFO5-CALYPSO)

Rov Equipment

Tethys-Plantgeria Ltd owns an Inspection Class ROV – “SEAEYE 234 Surveyor Plus”: Features
  • Max operating depth - 600 meters
  • Auto heading and depth
  • 125 Kgf bollard pull (forward thrust) & 108 Kgf lateral thurst
  • Dual simultaneous video channels
  • Comprehensive video overlay
  • Easy interface for survey suites including pipe tracking systems
  • 8 vectored horizontal Seaeye SM4M brushless DC thrusters

NDT Equipment

Tethys-Plantgeria Ltd owns competent equipment for the execution of non destructive testing projects including: Features:-
  • Alternating Current Field Measurement
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • Cathodic Potential
  • Ultrasonic Flooded Member Detection

NDT Equipment - ACFM

Tethys-Plantgeria Ltd can efficiently apply the ACFM technique in place of the MPI to detect surface bearking, fatique and cracks either on uncoated steel structures. Benefits of ACFM Technique includes:-
  • Defects can be sized for length and depth
  • Non conductive coating in good condition does not pose problems for ACFM, provided it is within the range of 5mm
  • The wide range of various sized probes allow for rapid scanning of node configration
  • It requires less time to prepare and complete tasks.
  • It provides permanent result records.


Tethys-Plantgeria Ltd are owners of the following NCDMB categorized vessels:
  • MV Melody - Currently serving as a DSV at SPDC Forcados & Bonny offshores
  • My Liberty - Currently serving as a DSV at NAOC Brass offshore
  • Conqueror Uno - Fast Security Patrol Vessel - MOP/SAIPEM
  • Conqueror Due - Fast Security Patrol Vessel - MOP/SAIPEM
  • Conqueror Tre - Fast Security Patrol Vessel - At ADDAX okwori field with Global Spectrum